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The Shanghai Cruise Supply Association was formally established

Following the opening ceremony during CIIE International Cruise Service and Trade Summit Forum, the Shanghai Cruise Supply Association was formally established on December 26th in 2018.

Mr. Tom Chen, Vice President of Shanghai Cruise Supply Association and Director of the Ship Supply Committee of Shanghai Port Industry Association, had participated in an insightful and constructive debate with its members on future developments and how supply and logistic providers will have to adapt.

Development of Shanghai Cruise Industry

Since 2006, Shanghai Port Authorities had used the Waigaoqiao Port Terminal to berth large cruise ships.

To solve this problem,The Shanghai Municipal People's Government decided to build

the Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal (referred to as Wusong Cruise Terminal).

The cruise port was successfully built up in October 2011 and the construction project was started in June 2015.

It was fully completed at the end of 2017.

Wusong Cruise Terminal is now the main port for all large cruise ships. Its counterpart Shanghai International Cruise Terminal (SIPG) continues berths smaller cruise ships.

Chart 1 - Shanghai Port Cruise Terminal Status Form

The data shows that in 2017, 11 cruise ports across the country received 1181 voyages and the number of passengers reached 4.95 million.

and Shanghai had 512 voyages, accounting for 43% of the country, and 2.98 million Chinese and foreign tourists, accounting for 60% of the country, ranking first in the country.

Chart 2 - Shanghai Port 2015-2017 Main Port Cruise and Visiting Port Cruise Statistics

After 10 years of rapid growth, the Chinese cruise industry saw an inflection point in 2017,

and the growth rate of cruise passengers began to decline.

By 2018, the passenger throughput of the national cruise terminal from January to July totaled 2.837 million passengers,

a year-on-year increase of only 9%.

From January to July 2018, the total number of berths in Shanghai Port was 244, down 15.9%,

and the number of mother-port cruises was 229, down 13.6% year-on-year. See Chart 3.

Chart 3 - Statistics of the number of berthing of Shanghai Port Cruises from January to July, 2018

As the cruise port of the Yangtze River Economic Delta,

Shanghai's future development trend has attracted worldwide attention and high attention.

The sustainable development of the cruise economy depends on the establishment and improvement of the factor market.

Shanghai wants to build a world-class cruise home port, to promote the development of the cruise industry,

to provide legal products for cruise companies and tourists,

Information services, insurance leasing, intermediary consulting, training certification, etc. 

must be in line with international standards.

By 2035, Shanghai will build a world-class cruise port, and cruise service will reach the international first-class level and form a complete cruise industry chain.

Fully mastering the design and construction technology and operation management capabilities of large luxury cruise ships,

the proportion of the cruise industry to the city's GDP has increased significantly.

To became the Asia Pacific Cruise Enterprise Headquarters Base and one of the globally influential cruise economic centers.