• 17.07.06
    Golden Harvest Guangzhou successfully completed its first delivery of supplies to Costa Atlantica today at the newly developed Tai Zi Bay Cruise Terminal in Shenzhen, a port that is capable of accommodating largest ships in the world (220,000-gross tonne).
  • 17.07.05
    The first loading of Food & Beverage supplies to Superstar Virgo was a major success, having previously provided supplies assistance in Xiamen to SSL, Golden Harvest are delighted to extend our dedicated service to Star Cruises during SSV’s stay at Wusong Cruise Terminal.
  • 17.05.23
    We participated our 2nd edition of IMPA Singapore 2017. It was great chance to meet all of our customers and friends, we will attend the next IMPA as Exbihitor, so looking forward to seeing you again.
  • 16.09.09
    As the exhibitors we were attending in every year of the IMPA LONDON. GOLDEN HARVEST had good reputationand well-known in Europe. Thank for getting together ! GH Team
  • 16.07.15
    We participated our 1st edition of IMPA Singapore 2016. It was an amazing experience! As always it was good to meet our clients and listen to their feedbacks, that helps us to keep our service standards.
  • 16.01.05
    The annual ISSA Convention was held in Singapore this year; delegates from more than 40 countries attended the event. ...